New Testament Revelations

Introduction, Part II: Jesus as Christ. By John, the Baptist

Jesus as Christ

Excerpts from a Writing
Received by Dr. Daniel G. Samuels in 1963.*

I AM HERE, John, the Baptist.

Since our whole religious import to the universe of men is built upon what Jesus, as the human transfiguration through this Divine Love manifested, he and his life and the different steps in his soul's progress as shown forth to those with whom he associated are most vital and important. For it is the gentility and calmness of a loving nature which Jesus showed at all times and to all peoples which, even as a small child, made him different from other human beings. For all must understand that the Divine Love of the Heavenly Father was performing its perfect work of transformation within the soul of Jesus even as a very small child. And as his soul, as the human or created image entity, became more and more transformed into the Divine, because of Divine Love's suffusing of his soul and transforming of the natural qualities and energies from natural to Divine, he became an entity set apart.

We who associated and lived and played with him did not, of course, know why he did not ever indulge in naughtiness or other disposition transcendence of which we were all capable. He enjoyed the natural companionship and games in play of others of his own age. And to the young ones of your day, it must be made clear that Jesus, himself, did not know that he was in any way to be different from all other peoples of his time. He knew that within him was a tranquility and buoyancy which prevailed at all times and was a growing part of his nature. He knew that he felt kindliness and affection for all humanity and every living thing, and he realized that he did not react as others did -- but this realization came to him only as he matured and progressed in the Love.

He had many hours of pondering upon the difference between his own reactions and those of his companions. But all of this was a gradual and slow awakening of consciousness to obedience and compliance with that self which was to be dominant and show forth all of the beauty and humility of a soul possessed and transformed by the Father's special Gift of Divine Love into the Angel on earth to whom you and all humanity shall someday look and realize as the only miracle in all of the universe. And one not just peculiar unto Jesus as Christ, but that which his faithfulness unto his chosen mission has made available for all mankind to embrace and make their own.

Your brother in Christ ,
John, the Baptist.

* From Business Meeting Writings, September 23, 1963. The entire message is also included in Miscellaneous Writings by Jesus of Nazareth and Other Celestial Spirits Through Dr. Daniel G. Samuels.

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