The Call That Cometh

The Call That Cometh

by Bro. Cliff De Dora


Glory to God in the highest; blessed are those who worship Him in spirit and truth.

It has been ten years now since I began to wonder of God's Divine Love.  My path was varied as surely many of ours were and potentially still are.  The journey actually began with the passing of a friend's dog, Luke.  Upon Luke's perishing, a private burial was held for him at an empty lot behind the house.  A prayer was said by Luke's owner (a childhood friend's dad) and from this a conversation spawned between him and me with regards to life after death--a topic about which I was most curious.  My curiosity had turned to a quest long before our encounter.  He gave me a copy of the blue book (True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus) and left it at that.

I studied for some time prior to and after, many religions and realms of faith as known to humanity here on earth.  I had also had some spirit to mortal communication by this point as well.  My mother was and still is a devout Christian and this was my upbringing, however my faith as a Christian was never established during this period.   

I began to read the "blue books" (True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus) as we termed them.  I read them for some time, potentially six months or so, believing I had a firm understanding as to the nature and essence of God's Divine Love and Salvation-oh how mistaken I was.  I prayed and continued to pray the Prayer believing I was receiving God's Divine Love, however, for some time this was only mental and had no foundation in fact.

I do recall when this changed and this is the basis of my testimony here.  I had been praying earnestly for nine months prior to truly receiving my portion of God's Divine Love.  I will always recall the first time I felt it and the abundant joy and smile that came over me.  I was very young--19--when I first felt it.  I was lying in bed in my room at my parent's home.  It was late at night; I was in prayer.  I continually had feelings and heard a female voice urging me to "Pray again" and to continue praying the Prayer, and lo and behold, sometime during the third time I was reciting it, God's Holy Spirit came upon me as a radiant beam of light and my soul began to flutter and radiate with the beginnings of Divinity.

For some time after I continually began to receive God's Great Gift in measures which I could tangibly feel and conceive of, so much so that healing in various areas of my body began to take place.  I had a skin condition which was healed primarily only in the area of my chest where the Divine Love was first prevalent and flowing.  It appeared as if God had parted the clouds of rain just for me and made a dry place everywhere I was, though in the midst of a stormy winter day.

This continued to occur for some time as I continued to read the "blue books" and pray the Prayer in the same manner that Mr. Padgett had been instructed to do so.  As time progressed, God's Great Law of Love began to transform my soul, alleviating many evil and inharmonious conditions that I had created. 

God's Will had become vested with me, I began to see things in a new light and myself through His eyes.    Had all this continued to occur in the same manner I would have been fine and great with it, yet my journey was, and still is, within its infancy stages.

What I share next is very personal to me and is intended to show future generations and current readers of the encounters that may be had during their journey.  It is no claim to glory as some may perceive but rather the call that cometh to me.  This is my experience. 

I was reading from the New Testament Revelations one night and an incredible understanding began to overcome me; it felt as if all my knowledge and energy from everything I had learned of God's Divinity was becoming compounded.  I was reading "The creation of man."  [Revelation #6 from New Testament Revelations] In many ways it felt as if my knowledge and very being was doubling with God's intimacy and understanding. 

Then I heard a female voice say, "He is watching you."  The voice was angelic in the least and so full of warmth and love.  Before I could realize it I knew the master (Jesus of Nazareth) himself was watching me.  By this I mean Jesus the man, our elder brother and leader not merely the universal spirit of Christ.  He was sitting next to me and I could perceive him, his soul and his countenance.  I will never forget the first thing he said to me, "Yes Cliff, you could have done it," which of course made no sense to me until I thought my next thought, "Could I have done it?" --asking myself I could have formed a rapport with Jesus.  An automatic writing occurred with the short encounter:  "Well Cliff, you have been selected to do this great work on behalf of the Kingdom.  For you possess skills not all men have come to realize."  By this time I was sincerely in a state of disbelief and the rapport became weakened and the writing ended with: "You must believe otherwise."

Surely in a state of shock and awe, the next day I phoned the gentlemen who had given me my copy of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus.  I wanted to share with him my experience and get his take on things, as surely I could not have had a meeting with Jesus.  He was actually in the middle of work, picked up briefly and said he could not talk at the moment.  Five minutes later he phoned me back and informed me that after he hung up with me he began to feel funny while working and the master appeared to him to confirm the meeting we had the night before.  It was at this time he also informed me that he had met Jesus long ago, also that my experience was, in fact, reality.   

After that the master continued to show up nightly for nine months entering into prayer with me, leading me to the Father and leaving me with an impression that I was sitting on God's Shoulders.  Now my experiences are too varied to describe here.  I would like to share one experience and then close.

I recall being in a very good place upon one of my meetings with the master; commonly he would wait until I had actively begun receiving the Divine Love before making an appearance I could perceive.  On this night I was well imbued with the essence and nature of God.  I saw the master being so very bright and illuminated come down from a higher sphere, not quite to me but very near.  He was only with me for a VERY short time.  During the time we had together it felt as if the master had erupted, and I was radiating upon his eruption.  My entire countenance was glowing with Divinity in a way that words to describe it would be an injustice.  The intensity, power, and greatness displayed to me was so bright and blinding that while this soulful encounter was so full, I physically raised my hand in the direction of the master and pleaded with him to stop.

The brief encounter itself left me reeling for days.  The experience was at that time and still is one of the most powerful encounters I had with God.  By this I clearly mean God's Divine Nature and in no way imply that Jesus is God, however I can say that he makes a darn good representative.  The power and nature of God flowing through the master is like unto God Himself.  I dream at times of what that must be like to hold that blessing daily.  It has been a constant reminder to me to remember that though as a mortal I may feel one with the Father that we have yet to hear the faintest whispers of God's majesty.

Beyond all this I would not have you believe that I claim or imply that I do not struggle with the everyday plights of the world we live in.  We as a people are very complex, we as a society can be very cruel.  There are times now, while I am without prayer, that sin and error come to me readily.  Each one of us goes through our own journey and our own personal relationship with God, and that's the beauty of life!  We have the opportunity to embrace God, Who knows us better than we know ourselves.  I remain steadfast with hope for that which is greater.   

Needless to say this and many other occasions have left me with a deep faith, not only with God but also with the cause and mission of the master-that is to say deep faith within the church he is forming on earth and the spirit world within the hearts and minds of all who will listen.  I find peace and comfort and great recollection within his messages to humanity, True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus.  

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