Which Way is Right?


by Robert Edward Lee

The Bible! The New Age! Native American beliefs! Eastern religions! What a supermarket of philosophies, shoulds, should-nots, disciplines, hopes, fears and manipulations we can encounter in almost any list of seminars, bookstores, religions or philosophical organizations! Oh yes, there're also the you-can-have-it-all ministries of material wealth and social prominence.

In one sense, I'm reporting my own experiences. I've participated in several "personal growth" seminars, both as student and as facilitator. I've read many books that are financial-, social-, psychological- or spiritual-oriented. I've tried several ritualistic disciplines or meditations. All have helped in one way or another, and some more than others, yet there seems to be an incompleteness in most teachings.

It has been nearly three years since I first encountered Volume I of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus . Since then, I have read and re-read much of Volumes I, II, III and IV, "76 Sermons on the Old Testament of the Bible" and "New Testament Revelations."

During this time, I also encountered other philosophies, much coming to me through my friends. As this information process proceeded, especially since summer 1990, I've found myself repeatedly answering my own questions and musings with information from the writings given through James E. Padgett and Daniel G. Samuels.

Before beginning my varied investigations and searchings, I was from a background of Christian Fundamentalism until 1973. For this, I found tremendous help in the 76 Sermons on the Old Testament. Jesus' explanations helped me understand the plight of the Hebrew prophets in a way I don't think is possible from Bible study alone. I don't want to debate in this article any particular concepts. However, as a result of reading these 76 messages from Jesus, I feel that some of the old pagan ideas that plagued the Hebrews' concept of one God are reappearing in some "New" Age beliefs, as well as being attributed (correctly or incorrectly) to Native American beliefs.

I feel the formal writings given by Jesus and other high Celestials through Mr. Padgett are the basis, the "bible," of truths pertaining to our Heavenly Father and soul development through His Divine Love. For those of us who have had Christian orientation, the Old Testament sermons and New Testament revelations through Dr. Samuels shed a tremendous light on Christianity and the Christian Bible. This perspective on Christianity is quite a help, I feel, to any sincere seeker.

As I already said, I'm reporting my experiences. Rather than bringing up various teachings, I'll leave that to each person, to identify conflicting concepts. I recommend careful reading and study of both Mr. Padgett's and Dr. Samuels' messages from Jesus. I think these are the finest information available among mortals because of the work they have done in, and for, me.

Which "teaching" is right? That is what we must decide within ourselves. Even Loving Father God doesn't violate our free will!


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