Study Groups

Study Groups

"…the most important practical consideration to advance the success of the Church lies with a Study Group which will initiate prospective new members into our teachings of the New Birth and the Way to the Father's Love and Immortality of the soul."  (Jesus of Nazareth, Business Meeting Writings, October 31, 1958, received by Dr. Daniel G. Samuels)

We warmly encourage all Members and friends of the  Foundation Church of the New Birth to invite their friends and loved ones for informal study group gatherings and prayer circles in the home (or meeting rooms and halls) to share their enthusiasm for and to interest others in Jesus' true teachings of the New Birth and the Way to the Father's Divine Love and Immortality.

Please contact us to learn how to get started. We'd love to help you in any way we can.

The number of group members can be just two or as many as ten or twelve. The Church would be happy to supply you with enough copies of True Gospel revealed Anew by Jesus, Volumes I and II, to go around. Group members who show sincere interest in the teachings can purchase their own copies at the website bookstore or at the meeting.

Agenda for meetings can be determined by the group leader or according to the wishes of the members in attendance.

The leader and those in attendance might want to begin with The Prayer for Divine Love found in Volume 1. They might also wish to include a silent meditation along with The Prayer, where all can express the longings of their souls in silence. Prayer might be followed with readings from the Volumes--one or two paragraphs at a time--with group discussion encouraged.  Ending the group with silent prayer is often helpful.

Again, we would be happy to assist you with ideas, encouragement, study materials, or in answering any questions you might have about starting your own study group or prayer circle. Just let us know.  We can be reached at  

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