New Birth Christians


     We are New Birth Christians and members of the FOUNDATION CHURCH OF THE NEW BIRTH, an interdenominational 'church without walls.' The Church is a through-the-mail, and via the Internet, nonprofit church, incorporated in January, 1958 in Washington, D.C., USA, for the sole purpose of disseminating the vital truths of the Divine Love of God, our Heavenly Father--this Love being the greatest attribute of His Divine, Immortal Soul and the only Substance in the universe that can bestow immortality upon the souls of mankind.

     This great instrument of salvation was first brought to light by Jesus of Nazareth in 33 A.D., when he began his public ministry, and was revealed anew by Jesus through the mediumship of Mr. James E. Padgett beginning in 1914 and later through the mediumship of Dr. Daniel G. Samuels beginning in 1954.

      We have no church buildings where congregations assemble to worship. Instead we advocate small groups of ten or less meeting in the homes to study and worship together--to worship our Heavenly Father and to study the divine truths contained in the messages received by Mr. Padgett and Dr. Samuels.

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