Feeling His Love in My Soul

Feeling His Love in My Soul

By Tom Blackston

August 8, 2017




I first found the Padgett messages about 3 years ago after my wife first discovered and shared them with me. The messages really open my eyes to the true meaning of the Father's Divine Love like no other teachings have.


 I can truly feel His loving embrace around me at times and my soul swells with so much love for Him. The more I pray to Him and get more into the messages of the truths, the deeper His love seems to flow into my very soul.


In all my life experiences, I have never been so touched by the Father's Love as I now have. This love has changed my life and has taken away my fears of death and calms my mind and soul of worries and doubts.


I pray daily for more faith and lots of the Father's Divine Love in my soul and I pray for others that they too will receive this Divine Love if they will only pray for it.


As the Father's Divine Love fills my soul, I truly want with all my soul being to have the essence of truth in my soul in great abundance! The more I pray and study the Padgett messages, the deeper in my soul I feel the Father's essence come to me.


As I move along in the Light House Study Course (the FCNB ministerial course), I feel more of the Father's presence in and around my soul. It is like a true yearning in my soul coming from deep down with so much love and peace about me. I have truly never had such feelings of comfort that I have today, thanks to the Father's Divine Love in my soul.  Amen.


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