Secondary Prayers

Secondary Prayers

"The only prayer that is necessary is the prayer for the inflowing of (divine) love; all other forms, or real aspiration, of prayer are secondary…"  --Jesus of Nazareth, True Gospel Revealed Anew

Pray: That they all may be one; even as Thou, Father, art in me, and I in Thee, that they also may be one in us; that the world may believe that Thou hast sent me. John 17:21

A Prayer for Divine Protection

Dear heavenly Father, we are very grateful for this opportunity to come to Thee in prayer to express the longings of our souls, to reach a closer at-one-ment with Thee, and to experience the Presence of Thy Love.  Father, please grant us Thy Divine protection as we gather together here to offer this evening's Prayer. Please protect us and guide us and keep us in Thy care. Amen. 

Prayer for Peace

May our Father's Wondrous Will prevail in all our lives today and always and may His Blessings be upon all of us, His children, that through the inflowing of His Divine Love we may all experience the Peace that Passeth all Understanding. Amen. 

 Prayer of Thanks  (excerpt from The Prayer for Divine Love)

"We thank Thee for Thy Love and the privilege of receiving It." Amen. 

Prayer of St. Luke

Help us, O Great Helper and Rejuvenator and Conqueror of sin and temptation! Amen.   

Prayer to Free Ourselves from Sin

Heavenly Father, please help us to awaken to a realization of our true human condition.  Help us to rediscover the inherent aspirations of our spiritual nature,that we might be drawn more readily to prayer to seek Thy help in making our efforts sure and effective in freeing ourselves from sin and error; and to seek the inflowing of Thy Divine Love, to become part of Divinity Itself, and nevermore subject to temptation. Amen. 

Christmas Prayer of Thanks

 We who are blessed to know the true meaning of Christmas know it to be the time of year when Jesus of Nazareth, our beloved Divine Elder Brother and Spiritual, Eternal Leader, was born, and he grew up to become the Messiah of our Heavenly Father.  Because he yearned for and received the Father`s Divine Love into his soul unto the complete transformation of his soul into the Eternal Nature of our Heavenly Father, he was able to teach his fellow man, on earth and in the spirit world, about the availability of the Father`s Divine Love, to all of His children, for the sincere seeking and yearning for its inflowing into their souls.   Thank you, dearest Elder brother in Christ; Thank You, Beloved Heavenly Father!  We pray to follow in your footsteps, dearest Elder Brother! Amen.  

Intercessory Prayers
Please take us to Thy Loving Heart, Dear Father.  Awaken us to Thy Divine Love`s interventions on our behalf and on behalf of those for whom we have interceded.  Amen. 
Heavenly Father, may Thy Divine Love help and guide and heal each and every one of these, Thy children.  May they feel Thy Presence of Love with them, with uplifted spirits and a sense of well-being.  May they be Divinely protected from all evil, whether of mortal or of spirit, as well as harmful organisms here on earth that makes us ill.  Please may they feel encouraged and may they experience Joy and the Beauty of Thy Great Being of Divine Love.  Amen. 

Heavenly Father, may Thy children who have recently entered the world of spirit experience peace of heart and mind, and may they receive knowledge that Thy Divine Love is available to their hearts and souls for the sincere seeking and longing for its inflowing, and may they know that this, Thy eternal Love, when longed for and received, will transform their souls into Thy very Nature which is Immortal. Amen.   

I thank our beloved Heavenly Father for doing all that He can for each individual, hoping that each one may get well and, in addition, seek His Divine Love and one day become a very part of Him. Amen.   

Heavenly Father, we pray that Thy Divine Love may heal and bless Thy children in accordance with their needs of body, mind and soul.  We thank Thee from our hearts that Thy Healing Love will be ministering to them and will give them the feeling of Thy Loving Presence, uplifting their spirits while calming their souls and minds and bodies to relax into Thy true Nature, thereby becoming more receptive to Thy Great Love`s ministrations.  We love Thee, Heavenly Father and we thank Thee.  And we further pray they may all be protected from evil influences, whether of mortal or of spirit, who often seek to intensify the illness.  Amen. 

May our Father`s Divine Love with Its healing powers be the Gift of each one of us.  Amen. 

Heartfelt prayers to our Heavenly Father for His Divine Healing of our afflictions, no matter how great or how small, not only brings us closer to Him in love, but helps us to gain that soulful feeling that knows He is all Holy, all Loving and Merciful and Good.  Amen. 

May our Heavenly Father continue to answer our sincere prayers for His Divine Help, and may each one of us feel the upliftment and Beauty of His Great Love. Amen. 

Heavenly Father, may all of Thy children be protected from evil.  May they all realize the importance of seeking Closeness and At-onement with thee in Thy Precious Divine Love, Father.  May they sense Thy Presence of Divine Love.  May they, one and all, have the benefit of Thy continuing Divine Healing Help as well as upliftment of their hearts and souls; and may Divine inspiration be theirs!  Amen.  

May our Father continue to be with us all, in response to the prayers from our hearts for His Eternal Love to fill our souls, and may all receive Divine Blessings of His Love in addition to healing of their afflictions.   Amen.  
We thank Thee, Heavenly Father for Thy Divine Healing Help given to all of Thy children.  Enable us to place our trust in Thee and Thy Great Healing powers, whether we are ill physically, or of mind or soul - hurting and in need of Thy Help.  At all times we need Thy Loving watchful Care, our Father.  Please increase our Faith and let us never fail to remember that when we seek Thy Divine Love to flow into our souls, we are taken under Thy Wing and are watched over by Thee and Thy Great Divine Angels who stand ready to help us in all of our needs, if we will but ask it of Thee.  Amen.   

May we all be Blessed by our Heavenly Father`s Divine Love, today and every day.  And may our prayers to Him be heartfelt and earnest, for those on our intercession lists and ourselves and our own loved ones.  Amen. 

We thank Thee, Heavenly Father, and sincerely pray that Thy children may continue to have Thy Divine Healing Help that will put them back on their feet, feeling well, and knowing that You have greatly blessed them, through Thy Divine Love.  Amen. 

We are so fortunate to know the real Truths about our Heavenly Father, His gifts to us, and Jesus` true mission on earth.  THANK YOU, Jesus, for enabling mankind to again know the Way to receive At-onement with our Glorious Heavenly Father.  Amen. 

May our Heavenly Father`s Divine Love bless our Circle of Prayers and its Members, with inflowings of His Divine Love and His healing Help wherever needed.  We are very dear to Him for our undertaking in interceding for His children whose names and needs we circulate among us for heartfelt prayers, loving Good Will and our desires they may not only receive Divine healing but may progress also in the qualities of the natural love, too.  Amen. 

May our Heavenly Father`s Divine Love influence be with all of you today, and may you feel the warmth of His Love in your hearts and souls.  Amen. 

May our Father in Heaven hold each one of you to His Heart of Love, and may you feel the Heavenly Bond that is unbreakable between you.  Amen. 

Heavenly Father, we also need to ask Thee for Thy Divine Protection on a daily basis, from any and all evils of the earth plane.  May we see ourselves as Thy Beloved children, created by Thee in Thy Great Soul`s image with beautiful souls that are loving, kind and merciful.  May we be enabled by Thy Love and Strength to rise above any helplessness, and may we come to know that Thou art our Greatest Benefactor of Life and Good Health, and may we always aspire to become At-One with Thee in Thy Divine Nature that is Immortal.  THANK YOU, Heavenly Father.  Amen.   

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for supplying our souls in their natural love endowment from Thee with these qualities of some of life`s finer emotions.  Hopefully, they may bear fruit that will make our lives supremely happy.  Amen.

May our Heavenly Father keep us all close to His Heart of Love, and through His Divine Healing Powers may He keep you in good health and on your feet.  May His Divine Love also be felt in your hearts and souls. Amen.                                                                                                               


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