How I Found Divine Love


by Rev. Linda N. Campbell

I had to die to learn the Truth. It was worth it.

Divine Love is my source, my sustenance and my destiny. It is the greatest treasure I could ever have imagined, pursued or obtained. The best news is that it is ours simply for the asking.

I was raised Catholic and as such, believed sincerely that it was the one true religion, and had the answers to everything I needed to do to have salvation. Of course, I thought I would automatically be in God's loving arms when I died. This theory was to be tested when at age three I died by drowning.

In the spirit world I was told by beautiful spirits that I had to return to earth because I had work to do for God, no matter how earnest my desire to stay there in heaven. My work for Him would be simple--to share the need to pray for Divine Love. I was told I had to be "born again," and the process of prayer and faith was explained to me. This was to be my "life line" when my life on earth became too difficult. Prayer and faith, like a daily remedy, was burned into my heart.

I was also told that someday, my work would expand to writing a simple children's book that would help other children connect with God and find their way back to heaven. I was promised that someday, on earth, I would find the Divine Truths of God.

I was opened up to seek truth beyond conventional religion around age 35. I was reading a book by Brad Steiger and it contained an excerpt from True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus. The moment I read it, my soul quickened, my heart sped up, and I became so excited that I remembered both the promise and the Truth! It was all about Divine Love and the New Birth--thank God--over and over again.

I tried finding the book, finding the Church. This quest led me to an obscure book store in a basement in New York City.

Somehow I knew there was a copy of True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus there, and I was determined not to go home until I found it. I called a clerk and begged him to help me. After nearly two hours, we found one.

I now had in my possession the very Truths I had been promised to find during my "near death experience" at age three. I tried reading it by flashlight on the way home while my husband drove, but the movements of the car made it almost impossible to do. After I got home, I couldn't put the book down, and I savored every word, cover to cover.

In the book, Jesus urges us to pray, and pray, for the Father's Divine Love. I put this into practice and I prayed for His Divine Love with all my heart and soul. The promises were fulfilled, and my soul rejoiced. And now, my soul is renewed with its fulfillment each and every moment of my life.

If I could reach others with the messages I was sent back with, it would be, first, that they are totally and irrepressibly loved and cherished by God and, secondly, their prayers are more powerful than they could possibly imagine--the most powerful miracle in all creation is the changing of a mortal or spirit into a Divine Angel through the prayer for and faith in Divine Love. It does not happen all at once, but is an ongoing process.

Thank God.


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