True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. II

pg. 64-A Ann Rollins' description of Jesus correct.

Ann Rollins' description of Jesus correct.

I AM HERE, Jesus.

Well, I am ready to write more of my discourses, and I want you to prepare for our writing very soon. I think that to-morrow night will suit for the work. Commence about nine o'clock, and then you can write until we finish it.

Yes, very soon the love will come to you in abundance, and you will realize its cleansing effect and will also experience a wonderful peace filling your soul. So to-morrow night we will write.

She was correct, except that she may have overdrawn her description of my beauty and goodness; but she thinks as she wrote and you must believe what she said.

Well, I love you with all the love of an elder brother who is filled with the Love of the Heavenly Father. This is all that I can say, for it is most comprehensive and leaves nothing to be added.

I will pray with you to night that the Father's love may come to you in great abundance. So with the Love that I mention and my blessings and the Love and blessings of the Father,

I am, Your true friend and brother, JESUS.
Vol. II, p. 64

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