True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. I

The Resurrection That is Common To All Be They Saint or Sinner.
Corroboration By Jesus That St. Paul Wrote On The Resurrection.

True Resurrection That Jesus Taught Without Which Our Faith As Christians is in Vain.
Why the Divine Love of God is necessary for man to possess in order that he may become at-one with the Father and an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom.
The Importance Of Knowing The Way To The Celestial Kingdom. Many Statements In The Bible Untrue.
Previous Message Continued.
Discourse Continued From Preceding Message.
THE SOUL What it is and what it is not.
How The Redeemed Soul Is Saved From The Penalties That Sin And Error Has Brought Upon It. Jesus.
Probation does exist among spirits In the hells. All who refuse to seek the way to the Celestial Heavens will eventually find their way to the kingdom where the perfect natural man exists.

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