True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, Vol. II

Happy She is that Great Spirits have Confirmed Mr. P.'s selection.
St. Paul explains His Thorn in the Flesh, His experience on the Way to Damascus.
St. John corroborates that Jesus Writes Through Mr. P.
Solomon's Position in the Celestial Spheres
Helen refers to John and Paul and Solomon writing.
The Time Is Now Ripe for the Truths to Be Made Known so that Mankind Can Be Redeemed from the False Beliefs.
Mr. Padgett must believe in Jesus as a Saviour but not through the vicarious atonement.
Nicodemus--On the Importance of the New Birth.
John gives encouragement to Mr. Padgett--and the wonderful love the Master has for him.
St. John comments on the Beliefs of the Preacher.

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